Commercial Floors – Strip & Wax

On a daily basis, Commercial Buildings in the City of Calgary see a large amount of foot traffic from both customers & employees. Throughout time, floors eventually experience damage and begin to look worn.

We find that having your commercial floors professionally cleaned is an important addition to maintaining your building. First impressions are always important when a customer walks in your business!

There are many great reasons for why you should get your commercial floors professionally cleaned, & we at Wild Rose Cleaning Services can provide that!

Why is it Important?

A customer’s first impression is always important for business owners. The moment they walk in, you want to ensure that they feel comfortable & welcomed. Overall appearance is one thing a business takes pride on. When a property is well-kept, customers will want to come back.

Maintained Floors is the way to go!

Any types of flooring can start to wear when it’s not maintained properly on a regular basis. On top of that, when floors do get damaged, the expense you have to put in is really high. Professionally cleaned floors are done to prevent further damage on floors and keep them in good shape. As well, it keeps floors from having that ‘scratched floor’ appearance – which isn’t so nice to look at.

Depending on the foot traffic of your business, stripping & waxing  is recommended at least once a year in facilities seeing moderate foot traffic & 4-6 months in facilities seeing higher amounts of foot traffic.

Hiring a Professional in Calgary!

We at Wild Rose Cleaning Services take pride in the services we provide to our customers in the City of Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Why choose us? We are highly trained professionals who can get the job done efficiently & effectively! In addition, we only use environmentally friendly products that get the job done right and also keep your customers & employees safe from any harmful chemicals.

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