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We love dealing with this company. When we walk into our studio every morning, it is like a breath of fresh air. Everything is so organized, and sparkling. I kid you not…you can smell the clean!

Thank you for everything you guys do, it really takes a load off of us

Stefan Tait

We have been using these guys for quite a few months now, they visit our office Monday-Friday, after we close up. They’ve even come to help clean the office up after we have staff functions.

The team always arrives on time, always does a stand up job, & since we have switched to Wild Rose, we ALWAYS have positive comments from our customers on how clean and fresh smelling the office is.

I regret not contacting these guys sooner. Definitely recommended if you are looking to have your business space cleaned in Calgary.

Andrew O'Brian

Exceptional experience dealing with this company. They are helping us clean our daycare facility every weeknight. Our kids come every morning to a clean building, and we could not be happier.

We found this was not an easy task to accomplish by ourselves, and thank you for your hard work.

Tegan Burks

best of the best. we are a few weks in with our cleaning being provided by wild rose and our store looks better than it did when we first got into this space. very thrilled with what has been done so far cant wait for it to continue in 2020!.thanks a bunch guys

Claire Walker

Anyone who books this company will NOT be disappointed. I have pretty high standards, and they where met. Wild Rose cleans my home 2 a week. Great customer service. Fantastic, flawless work. I highly recommend this company.

Sandy W

Using 100% Eco-Friendly Products For Family, Friends, Pets and Colleagues

Wild Rose Cleaning Services prides itself on using only the safest, most environmentally sound cleaning products for all jobs, big or small. Our Eco-Friendly Approach to cleaning sets us apart from the competition and will help preserve the long term property value of your home or business.


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