Spring Cleaning!

Finally, Winter is gone and the Spring has begun – it’s Spring Cleaning season! All that clutter and dust that built up during the winter season must go!

2020 was quite the year for us all. Many of us had to switch to a ‘work from home’ environment. With all this time staying in, you may be seeing a huge amount of dirt, dust & unnecessary items lying around your home. Now that spring is here, it’s time to make that change.

You’re probably dreading where to even begin & the work you have to put in. But don’t you worry, we’ve got the perfect spring cleaning checklist for you to follow through!


You may wonder why spring cleaning is important. We find that taking the time each year to do a thorough deep clean of your home keeps a clean environment. Home is a place where you rest & spend lots of time with your family – that being said, it should be kept tidy and clean at all times.



⦁ Wipe baseboards & trims
⦁ Wash bedsheets and pillow covers
⦁ Clean & disinfect all touchpoints (light switches, doorknobs, ect.)
⦁ Clean windows and sills
⦁ Dust blinds (if applicable)
⦁ Dust light fixtures & ceiling fans
⦁ Dust furnitures
⦁ Dusting throughout
⦁ Vacuum & wash floors
⦁ Store seasonal items/clothings
⦁ Declutter unnecessary items you no longer need


⦁ Clean interior and exteriors of cabinets & drawers
⦁ Declutter cabinet & drawers
⦁ Wipe down mirrors
⦁ Dust light fixtures
⦁ Vacuum vents
⦁ Wipe down of countertops & sinks
⦁ Wipe down of toilet (inside, sides & behind)
⦁ Wipe down tub/shower & drain
⦁ Clean and sanitize touchpoints (light switch, knobs, ect.)
⦁ Vacuum & wash floors


⦁ Clean interior and exterior of cabinets & drawers
⦁ Clean out sink (replace sink strainer)
⦁ Clean and organize pantry & refill necessities (dispose expired foods)
⦁ Clean interior and exterior of appliances (microwave, oven, ect.)
⦁ Clean & organize refrigerator
⦁ Remove items on countertops & wipe down thoroughly
⦁ Wipe down backsplash (oil splash from cooking)
⦁ Clean & disinfect all touchpoints (light switch, knobs, ect)
⦁ Wipe baseboards & trims
⦁ Vacuum behind appliances
⦁ Vacuum & wash floors

Living Areas:

⦁ Wipe baseboards & trims
⦁ Clean windows & sills
⦁ Clean and sanitize all touchpoints (light switches, knobs, ect.)
⦁ Dust electronics, TV & stand
⦁ Dust blinds
⦁ Dust light fixtures & ceiling fans
⦁ Dust shelvings, furnitures, wall paintings & decors
⦁ Launder throws, pillow covers & curtains (if applicable)
⦁ Wipe down coffee table
⦁ Vacuum vents
⦁ Vacuum area rug
⦁ Vacuum & wash floors

Laundry Room:

⦁ Clean exteriors of washer & dryer
⦁ Clean lint trap
⦁ Wipe down interior and exterior of cabinets & drawers
⦁ Wipe down countertops & sinks
⦁ Vacuum & wash floors

All other areas:

⦁ Clean and sanitize all touchpoints (doorknobs, light switches, handles, ect.)
⦁ Dusting throughout
⦁ Dust & spot clean walls
⦁ Dust light fixtures
⦁ Wipe down baseboards & trims
⦁ Wipe down windows & sills
⦁ Vacuum & wash floors


Just like that & your home is set! Following this checklist will not only help you keep your house clean but ensures a safe and clean environment for you and your loved ones!


Got no time? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

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