The Importance of Garbage Chute Cleaning

Have you ever thrown out your garbage down the trash chute and catch a whiff of a foul smell? On a daily basis, high volumes of waste are being discarded down the chute. As they travel down, bags have the tendency to rip open – causing debris and residue to stick to the chute’s wall. This then created a breeding ground for mildew, bacteria, fungi & many allergens. Unpleasant odor from the chute is also a common issue for many buildings. These allergens can result in poor air quality and health hazard for many.

When garbage chutes are maintained, these issues can be avoided and will lead to a hazard free building.

Prevention of Pests

Waste being thrown down the chutes is attractive to pests and rodents. When waste builds up and stay for long, it can bring pests in and becomes their nesting place. They look for food, darkness & accessibility, and the best place for that is the garbage chute.

Avoiding these issues are important, and you should take immediate action when these issues arise. Not only is immediate action when these issues arise necessary, but we find preventative measures is the best first line of defence.

Odor Control

Another common issue for garbage chutes is the lingering smells and odors. You may find yourself spraying air freshener, but that won’t do the trick. Problem is, germs and bacteria have already spread tremendously, making it impossible to eliminate via air fresheners.

Chute cleaning not only deodorizes, but guarantees better air quality for your building.

Fire Hazard

Flammable waste is sometimes thrown in the chutes – which can be extremely hazardous. Garbage bags with grease can adhere on chute walls as it travels down, this can be a cause of a possible fire disaster.

How Garbage Chute Cleaning Works

The process in cleaning chutes consists of simple steps, which are very effective. To start, an eco-friendly chemical degreaser is sprayed throughout the chutes to soften any residue build ups.

Followed by a heated pressure wash utilizing a rotating nozzle to get every inch of the chute walls. Compactors and bins are also washed and deodorized to get rid of odors.

Each garbage room will be given a full wipe down, as well as the chute doors – ensuring no excess debris remains after the process is completed.

Hire a Professional Company

We find that this is a critical service which should be implemented in many buildings, whether Commercial or Residential. Having a filthy garbage chute is a serious issue – and can be a hazard for people in your building.

At Wild Rose Cleaning Services, we offer Professional Garbage Chute Cleaning Services in the City of Calgary. We are equipped with the necessary equipment & experience to provide you top quality service.

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