Winter Floor Care

During the winter months in Calgary comes harsh conditions. Salt usage increases, and it has a high risk of damaging commercial floors. With high numbers of foot traffic entering businesses & commercial buildings, salts are constantly being carried in – which can potentially cause damage to the floors. Salt is known to cause scratches, remove a floors finish, cause discoloration and staining. That being said, it can also be very harmful to your floors if left untreated.

There are many ways to prevent this from occurring to keep your commercial floors looking like new! In this article, we will provide you tips on how to help maintain your floors during the winter season.

Use Mats Throughout

One way to keep salts from damaging floors is by placing mats in the entryway and throughout your commercial property. You can never have too many mats! Implementing mats is important because it removes the majority of soilage and salts from peoples shoes as they walk through your space.

Types of mats to consider having are Scraper Mats and Commercial Grade Mats with Slip-Resistant rubber. Scraper Mats are great in scraping excess salt and slush prior to entering the property. Following up with the Commercial Grade Mats indoors to remove any remaining moisture from the shoes.

Debris and salt can sometimes find its way beneath the mats. It is important to clean underneath to prevent any potential damage.

Perform Proper Cleaning

In the winter months, maintaining your property will require extra attention. Removal of ice salt, dirt, debris, and water is important to protect your floors. Here are some tips that can decrease the chance of damaging floors:

⦁ Frequent vacuuming of hard surface floorings should be performed to prevent any build up of salts and debris.
⦁ Thorough vacuuming of carpeted floors and mats – salt can sometimes hide in threads of the carpets which can lead to staining when moisture is present during winter.
⦁ Using a Neutral Floor Cleaner – with the pH of salt being high, it requires to be neutralized changing its pH to neutral. Once changed, it becomes easier to remove any white residue left from the salt.
⦁ When mopping, it is important that dirty water is replaced when needed to prevent any salts from depositing back to the floors.

Let a Professional do it for you!

We find that these cleaning tasks can be quite large to take on; especially during the Winter season. As a professional cleaning company, we ensure proper cleaning of floors is performed – such as using the right cleaning solutions to remove salt residue correctly. If necessary, we are well-equipped with floor cleaning machines to tackle tougher jobs that require a more thorough clean.

At Wild Rose Cleaning, we offer Commercial Cleaning Services throughout the City of Calgary and can ensure you a top-notch service!